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St John the Baptist Primary School

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Staff list for 2021/2022


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs K Coe - Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss K Irwin - Deputy Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs V Dixon – SENDCo & Designated Safeguarding Lead (maternity leave)

Mrs L Lee - SENDCo & Designated Safeguarding Lead (maternity cover)


Middle Leadership Team

Mrs L Smith - Coaching & Mentoring

Miss E Hauxwell – Assistant SENDCo

Mrs J Hammond – EYFS Leader

Mrs V Elliman - KS1 Leader

Mr P Tudor – KS2 Leader


Early Years Team

Nursery & Clever Caterpillars (2 Year Old Provision)

  • Miss H Smith –  Class Teacher
  • Mrs L McGee, Mrs J Harrison, Miss M Morrison, Miss K Barnard & Mrs M Nunn - Teaching Assistants 



  • Mrs J Hammond - EYFS leader & Class Teacher
  • Mrs A Fields, Mrs J Tweddle, Mrs E Hillerby & Miss N Park- Teaching Assistants


    Key Stage One Team 

    Year 1/2

    • Miss E Hauxwell - Class Teacher
    • Mrs S Scott & Mrs D Burgess - Teaching Assistants


    Year 1/2

    • Miss Wardell- Class Teacher
    • Mrs S Kelly, Miss S Deans, Miss A Nugent (Fridays) - Teaching Assistants 


    Year 1/2

    • Mrs V Elliman - Class Teacher
    • Miss D Lidford & Miss V Leak - Teaching Assistants


    Lower Key Stage Two Team

    Year 3/4

    • Mrs L Smith & Mrs K Pratt - Class Teachers 
    • Mrs A Gallagher & Miss A Cook - Teaching Assistants


    Year 3/4

    • Miss S Sharp (maternity cover for Mrs Hardy) - Class Teacher
    • Mr M Smith & Mrs J Swash - Teaching Assistants


    Year 3/4

    • Mrs N Cundliffe - Class Teacher 
    • Mrs K Bance & Mrs B Kavanagh - Teaching Assistants


    Upper Key Stage Two Team

    Year 5

    • Miss E Knaggs - Class Teacher
    • Mrs V Aitchison, Miss C Nugent & Miss A Nugent (Thursday)- Teaching Assistants 


    Year 6

    • Mr P Tudor – KS2 Leader & Class Teacher
    • Mrs M Nicholson & Mrs W Wilkinson - Teaching Assistants 


    Enhanced Mainstream Provision (EMS) Team

    • Miss C Thorpe & Miss C Ashley (am) - Class Teachers
    • Mrs S Connor, Mrs L Nicholson, Mrs J Ramsey, Miss N Cuskern, Miss R Kerwin & Miss K Dalkin - Teaching Assistants; Miss L Noble - Health Care Support


    Pastoral Team

    Mrs T Ogden (Pastoral Lead & Pathway Development Centre Lead)

    Mrs H Conroy (Parent Support Advisor)

    Mrs C Robinson (Pastoral Support)

    Miss S Mawson (Behaviour Support)

    Miss L Armstrong (Physical & Medical Support)

    Mrs J Roberts (Early Years Support)

    Mrs M Nicol (Physical & Medical Support)


    Office Team

    Mrs J Gair - School Business Manager (until October half term)

    Mrs M Llewellyn  - School Business Manager

    Mrs L Fletcher - School Administrator

    Miss R Puckering - Apprentice School Administrator


    Miss E Potter, Mrs V Dixon and Mrs S Hardy are currently on maternity leave.

    Have a look at the staff profiles to find out more about the adults in your child's class...

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