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EMS Provision at St John's

Enhanced Mainstream Provision (EMS)

Cognition and Learning


Physical and Medical


Places in the EMS class are ONLY allocated through the Local Authority SEND panel.

Having a place in school, does not mean a place in the EMS.



Our last OFSTED report 'You manage expertly two enhanced-provision classes on behalf of the local authority, for pupils who have additional and complex special educational needs. You are ably supported by your senior leaders, who share your commitment and dedication to the pupils and their families.

Strong pastoral care is given high priority. It is an important aspect of the school’s work and one that you recognise is essential to pupils’ emotional and physical well-being. All staff share your deep commitment to making pupils feel that they are cared for. This strongly supports pupils’ highly positive and respectful attitudes to their learning and to each other and has ensured that pupils’ behaviour remains good'


Entry Criteria (through the Local Authority)


Cognition and Learning

Cognition and Learning is their primary need

• Has a substantial level of learning difficulty - developmentally they are performing at or below the 2nd centile

• Their audit band for Cognition and Learning is 4 or 5 from the Stockton Borough Council (SBC) provision guidance


 Physical and Medical


Physical and/or medical is their primary need

• Their audit band for sensory and/or physical is 4 or 5 from the SBC provision guidance

• There is evidence of significant physical/medical need from a medical professional

• A medical/personal care plan is in place with significant adaptations from the home /school



Once a child is allocated a place in the EMS, a period of transition will begin, where the teacher will visit the child in their own setting.
The child will then visit our school and meetings with parents and school staff (teacher, SENDCo etc) will be set up.


Please see our EMS class pages for more information.

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