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Class 10 - Mr Tudor

Ancient Egyptians

We have had a really busy term.  We have had lots of visitors, lots of trips out - we have been to the Life centre, the theatre, the cinema and to church. We have had authors and VR workshops in school as well as prayer spaces and lots of other visitors.  We have all worked really hard and this culminated in our fantastic Christmas performance of Oliver Twist. Have a brilliant Christmas and we will see you in the New Year.

Sow, Grow and Farm

Spring was super busy! We became a whole Year 5 class so we had to settle in and get on with work instantly. We visited a farm and made lots of four-legged friends, whilst learning what farming really entails!  We had careers visitors who made us think carefully about what we might want to do with our futures.  We had visitors in for science day opening up the world of STEM for us and showing us really exciting things.  World book day was great fun and we created whole story maps using our imaginations.  We then had our parents in to create Easter cards with us!  We have been incredibly busy as always and we have worked incredibly hard to make ourselves into a brilliant Year 5 ready for summer learning!

Groundbreaking Greeks

Knowledge Organiser

We have had a brilliant summer term so far.  We have really done ourselves proud and have worked incredibly hard in all of our lessons.  We have learned about the roles of men and women in Ancient Greece, the roots of democracy, myths and legends and all about the Greek gods.  In amongst all of this learning, we have managed to have visitors from Alliance every week, done even more skateboarding, taken part in athletics competitions and got ourselves ready for Year 6.  What a term in Year 5!

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved