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Communication apps

We use different ways of communicating with families to either send messages, share exciting things or set work.


Marvellous Me and Facebook as the main forms of communication from school to home when sending messages. We also use Seesaw to set homework for the children and each child has their own log on. Please ensure you download the Marvellous Me and Seesaw apps (or access it through the Marvellous Me website) to keep up to date. If you lose your log in details they are available from the school office.


Information is also posted on the school Facebook page. You don't have to have a Facebook account to look at the page! Click on the logo below to take you to the school page.



Would you like to receive updates and positive messages about your child?

MarvellousMe is a light-touch app that you can use on your smartphone, tablet or online and is ideal for parents who want a quick snapshot of their child’s day. It offers real-time updates and is easy to share with people that you choose.  You don't need a smartphone to be able to access it.


The school office will provide you with a unique code and all the information you need to download and access the app.


MarvellousMe will help you to:


  • Have a meaningful conversation with your child about their school day.
  • Continue your child’s learning and practice what they have done in class.
  • Celebrate and reinforce their successes and positive behaviours.
  • To find out more or to get any help please visit

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