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Year 6 - Mr Tudor

Autumn 1- A Child's War

This half term we have been learning all about World War 2.  We learnt about the causes of it, how people were treated during the war, and what happened across Europe and the world at that time.  To enhance our learning we enjoyed a trip to Eden Camp, taking in the sight, sounds and smells of wartime Britain.  We have looked at diversity, stereotyping and tolerance of others and used the British Values to establish ground rules for our classroom and we have found out how these values are used on a daily basis.  We had visitors in to teach us about Black History Month and an artist visitor to teach us new techniques working with mixed media to create some amazing artwork!

Autumn 2 - Frozen Kingdom

This half term has been really busy!  We have learned all about Shackleton’s journey to the Antarctic. We have found out about the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic, and put ourselves in the shoes of a passenger aboard the ship.  We have plotted routes to the poles using maps and thinking about how we would carry out our journeys.  We have been very busy in our maths learning this half term, learning all about multiplication, long division and how to use fractions.  We have observed an ‘iceberg’ melting and discovered how variables in experiments can change our outcomes and how keeping a test fair helps us to understand in a scientific way.  On our residential to Robinwood, we had an absolutely fantastic time, learning new skills and testing our resilience.  We have been to sing at the Mayor’s Christmas Carol service at the Parish Church and attended a Remembrance service at St John’s Church.  We have also been ice skating and we loved every minute! We are also saying goodbye to Miss Oliphant, who has been in our class as part of her teacher training. We have had a brilliant time learning with her and we all wish her good luck!

Finally, we hope our children and families have an enjoyable Christmas break and we will see you in the New Year!

Spring - Sow, Grow & Farm

We have had a fantastic Spring term!  We have delved into the world of farming and have been learning all about different farming methods all over the world, not just in our country.  We have learned about Fairtrade and how what we eat here affects people in countries thousands of miles away.  We have been on visits to local churches and have had inspirational visitors in our school.  All the while, we have been brushing up on our Maths skills and producing some fantastic work in our English learning.  Year 6 have been learning about growing and seasonality and what that means for us when we are planning what meals to prepare and how it affects the food miles of our foods.  We have been learning new art skills and honing our observational drawing skills using items from the natural world.  In our art learning, we have created our very own installations in the school grounds!

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