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Year 6 - Miss Wardell

Autumn 1 - A Child's War

Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser

Billy's bedroom at crucial crew 
Exploring Eden camp
Sharing our kindness on World Mental Health Day
Learning to skateboard 
We have had an amazing, jam packed start to Year 6 this year! We started off with community week and the children went to Crucial crew to learn all about fire safety, road safety and e-safety. We have also visited the local park. This half-term our topic has been 'A Child's War', we went on a trip to Eden Camp and were able to look at some of the artefacts from the Second World War. We have learnt about Rationing, the Blitz, Evacuation and what life would be like as a child growing up during the war. 

Autumn 2 - Frozen Kingdom

Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser

Robinwood - Waiting for the zipline!
Cinema trip to see Bumblebee
Singing Christmas carols at Cyprus Court Care home 
Taking a bow at our Christmas performance!
Wow! What a busy half term we have had in Year 6. We started our half term off in style by heading off on a three-day residential to Robinwood! It was brilliant, we took part in activities such as the Zipwire, Piranha Pool, The Dungeon and the Giant Swing. Everybody overcame a fear of some sort and we were extremely proud of the entire class. This half term, we have been studying 'Frozen Kingdom' we have looked at the rate of the ice melting in the polar caps and even became experts on the most magnificant vessel to ever set sail from Britiain, 'The Titanic'. Finally, we have thrown ourselves into Christmas activities by singing at Cyprus Court care home, Sainsburys, Maple Court care home and we have decorated our own Christmas crafts! We have even found the time to rehearse and put on a fantastic Christmas performance of 'A Christmas Carol'. Well Done Year 6! 
Spring 1 - Stargazers
Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser 
We took part in Box2befit during our first week back! We loved it!
We had a visit from author Liz Million - in our session based upon our topic 'Stargazers' we drew our own aliens!
During Mental Health Week, we showed 'Racism the Red Card' and enjoyed some outdoor activities.
We love reading in Year 6, and occasionally we visit the library to share stories together.
What a fantastic half term we have had in Year 6. Our topic this half term has been 'Stargazers' and we have thrown ourselves into cosmology. We have been learning about the planets, our moon and the fascinating orbits. We've looked into detail at night and day and how the Earth travels. Mental Health Week was very important to us this half term, we handed out post-it notes around the classroom and school giving each other compliments. We've enjoyed lost of visits in school from Science professor, Box2befit, Liz Million's author visit, then finishing with Fit4Kids. The children received a visit from PC Gary Sykes to speak about rail safety. Year 6 also took part in Internet Safety Day focusing on our online identity and why it is important to be ourselves online and how to be safe. 
Spring 2 - Pharaohs 
Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser 
Practising our acting skills with some freeze frames.
Working on our Judo skills!
As part of our theme this half term, we created our name in hieroglyphics.
Our fantastic class enjoying sports relief!
What a challenging half term we have had in Year 6. We have spent a lot of time preparing for SATS, which has meant a lot of hard-work, resilience and effort from every single child. We have been studying Pharaoh's, so we have enjoyed looking at the mummification process, creating hieroglyphics and we have researched Egyptian Gods and Tutankhamun! However, we have also celebrated Sports relief and took part in Skip2befit and a Judo session. In our writing, we have became Egyptian experts by completing a diary entry and a set of instructions. A selection of children also took part in a hockey tournament which they have qualified for the finals! Well done Year 6 smiley
Summer 1 - Blood Heart
Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser 

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved