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Year 6 - Miss Wardell

Autumn 1 - A Child's War

Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser

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Billy's bedroom at crucial crew 
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Exploring Eden camp
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Sharing our kindness on World Mental Health Day
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Learning to skateboard 
We have had an amazing, jam packed start to Year 6 this year! We started off with community week and the children went to Crucial crew to learn all about fire safety, road safety and e-safety. We have also visited the local park. This half-term our topic has been 'A Child's War', we went on a trip to Eden Camp and were able to look at some of the artefacts from the Second World War. We have learnt about Rationing, the Blitz, Evacuation and what life would be like as a child growing up during the war. 

Autumn 2 - Frozen Kingdom

Theme Overview & Knowledge Organiser

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved