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Year 5 - Miss Knaggs

Autumn 1 - A Child's War

We have had an amazing half term in Y5 and we have all worked incredibly hard. We started by learning about British Values in week 1, before starting our topic of A Child’s War. We all loved our trip to Eden Camp, where we learnt so much about WWII. Across this half term we have learnt about evacuees, rationing, Anderson shelters and the use of propaganda. We also had a visit from an artist, who used printing techniques to help us create some amazing art. We have ended this half term by creating some WWII poetry, which we will be sharing with school on Remembrance Day.

In addition to our topic, we have been busy. We have been working with Middlesbrough Football club, who have been teaching us about careers and enterprise. We have also been learning outside, as part of Wilderness Schools, where we have made some fantastic dens and enjoyed melting marshmallows on the fire. We have also enjoyed many workshops this half term from Urban Chaos to the Dogs Trust and learning about Rastafari culture as part of Black History Month.

Autumn 2 -Frozen Kingdom

This half term we have been learning about Frozen Kingdom. Everyone has enjoyed this topic and it has been lovely to learn about the Artic and the Antarctic. We completed some fantastic writing about an enchanted, frozen castle. We have written about The Titanic and we learnt lots of amazing facts. We have learnt about the explorer, Ernest Shackleton and his amazing adventure to the Antarctic. In Maths, we have been working very hard. We have been learning about prime numbers, composite numbers, square and cube numbers. We have been finding factors and multiples of numbers, as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000.

This half term we have been ice-skating, which everyone enjoyed. Most children did fall over but they all showed resilience and got back up before giving it another try. It was lovely to see some children helping their friends to get back up and everyone tried their best.

We ended this half term with many Christmas activities. We enjoyed the Pantomime, Christmas Jumper Day, our class party and of course performing The Grinch!

Spring -  Sow, Grow and Farm 

This term we have been learning about Sow, Grow and Farm. We have been discovering the world of farming, which has involved lots of stories from Miss Knaggs' farm. We have learnt about farming around the world and how important farmers are. We also learnt about how far some of our food has travelled and different climates around the world. Lots of our discussions focussed on seasonality and buying locally produced food. We have learnt about plant lifecycles, dissected plants and have planted our sunflowers. We have also studied food webs and animal lifecycles. Alongside our theme work, we have also visited Outwood Academy to develop our PE skills, which was a fantastic learning experience for all. Our art skills have grown immensely with children creating some amazing watercolour pieces. We celebrated World Book Day and completed lots of Easter work.

Summer -  Ground-breaking Greeks

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved