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Year 5 - Miss Knaggs

Autumn 1- Whodunnit?

This half term Year 5 have really enjoyed all the workshops. We have completed Box2Bfit, Hoopstarz, Kidzfit and had a visit from the Police Community Officer. We also celebrated Word Mental Health day by wearing yellow. 

In English, we have been reading The Boy at the Back of the Class and Wonder (which we were able to compare to the film). We have done some fantastic writing on The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Freaky Friday (where we swapped bodies with someone for a day). In our theme, we have learnt about fingerprints, microchips and developed an understanding for our identity.

Autumn 2- Off with her head!

This half term has been amazing and we have done lots of things. We have had a blow up cinema come to school, where we took blankets, teddies and had snacks. We watched the Grinch which we loved! We also went to Saltburn and got ice cream that was delicious! We went rock climbing that was quite difficult for some people. We had a Christmas party with lots of fun and games. Just wait, stop there, we have also done lots of hard work, we learnt about Henry VII and Henry VIII. Fun fact: Henry VIII ordered the execution of over 70,000 human beings! We did about Tudor punishments and had an amazing Tudor banquet. We also learnt about and wrote Tudor riddles, example: I’m black, white and read all over, what am I? In science we have been learning about space, planets and the solar system! Yes we have had an exquisite term!

Spring 1- Hola Mexico!

This half term, we have been learning all about Mexico. All children, whether at home or in school, have been working incredibly hard. We learnt about Mexican culture and some of the many festivals, including Dia De Los Muertos. In English, we read Holes, which is a brilliant story about Stanley Yelnats. 

We hope we will all be back together soon!

Spring 2- Time Traveller

It was lovely to have the whole class back together, to see all the smiling faces and to start learning together again. This half term we have being studying Time Travellers, which allowed for some amazing writing. We studied Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali's amazing artwork, before creating our own versions. We have also enjoyed our Easter week, from learning about the Easter story to our Easter egg hunt. 

Summer 1- Darwin's Delights

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved