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Year 3/Year 4 - Miss Elder

Autumn 1- Scrumdiddlyumptious

Year 3/4 had great fun this half term. As part of our scrumdiddlyumptious topic we have enjoyed writing recipes and reviews but most importantly making and tasting some delicious food. We have talked about healthy eating and we made a smoothie and a healthy wrap. We ate treats including a delicious dessert from Creams. In addition to this, we have been active by taking part in Box2Bfit and Hoopstarz. We have explored Charlie and the Chocolate Factory both the films and the book and from this we have written poems about food, character descriptions, designed our own chewing gum meal and a new chocolate bar.

Autumn 2- Gods and Mortals
Another excellent half term for Year 3/4. We have enjoyed learning about lots of different Greek myths including: Pandora's Box, Theseus and the Minotaur and Icarus. From this we have written letters, a poem and used freeze frame and mime to recreate myths. In theme we have explored different gods and goddesses making fact files and clay models of them. We have explored life in Ancient Greece including identifying Greece on a map of Europe. We have also taken part in yoga sessions and a climbing wall this half term.
Spring 1- Misty Mountain Sierra
Spring 2- Tribal Tales
Year 3/4 have had fun this half term tasting chocolate, making rice crispie cakes and drawing cave art. We have explored the stone age and drew symbols on pebbles to tell a story.
Summer 1- Potions

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