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Year 3/4 - Miss Sharp

Autumn 1- Heroes and Villains

This half term we have enjoyed settling into our new class. Our topic has been Heroes and Villains. We have been looking at Cruella De'Vil, Henry VIII, Neil Armstrong and we even wrote our own comic strips! In English, we have written a character description, alternative endings to famous fairy tales and have writing newspaper articles. In Maths, we have refreshed our Place Value knowledge and have started column addition and column subtraction. Our Science topic was Rocks and Soils. We have been investigating different rocks and soil, creating our very own dirt pudding and researched about fossils. In our Thrive time, we have particularly enjoyed getting to really know our class friends. We have played lots of games, talked about our likes and dislikes and created art work around different feelings. 

Autumn 2- Burps, Bottoms and Bile

This half term we have had so much fun learning about our bodies. We learned the functions of each part in our digestive system and how they work, we even compared them to animal’s digestive systems, did you know a cow has 3 stomachs? Our most favourite experiment was making a working model of the digestive system, using tights and food ingredients, we made poo! Alongside this, we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary. Our class had an amazing time fulfilling one of our promises, we went to the cinema and we ate in Bella Italia, yum! We reminded ourselves how we can stay healthy too! 

Spring - Rocks, Relics and  Rumbles

This term we have looked at a new topic 'Rocks, Relics and Rumbles'. We have learned all about volcanoes and eruptions. We created a music piece, recreating an eruption. In English, we have linked our writing to volcanoes and have written a non-chronological report, completed fact finding activities and have written about the pros and cons of living near a volcano. In mathematics, we have worked on multiplication, division, fractions and money. We really enjoyed our science topic as we investigated with forces and magnets. We have also celebrated Chinese new year and worked on creating our very own branching database. We are really looking forward to learning more about our topic next half term and investigating the causes of earthquakes. In Spring 2, we have enjoyed writing newspaper reports, learning about earthquakes and tsunamis and practising our measurement and money skills. We loved dressing up for World Book Day and shared our favourite stories in our class. 

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved