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Year 2 - Mrs Elliman

Welcome to Year 2!

Autumn 1 - Moon Zoom

Try this web page for some good maths games :)

Picture 1 We used Jaffa cakes to create phases of the moon.
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 We used Scratch and created Sprites and background

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day 1
As part of our work on World Mental Health Day 2018 we looked at the zones of regulation, linking feelings to colours . We talked about the zone we are in at the minute and recognised that it is OK to move across the zones as long as we can make our way back to green.

Autumn 1 reflection

This half term we have been learning about the solar system. We have learned about the phases of the moon, the names of the planets and their appearances. We have also learned about Neil Armstrong and why he is important to our history. We have had lots of hands on activities, making stars using bread and glue, moon buggies using different construction equipment, making moon art work, creating our own planets and aliens. Our last creative task was making rockets, we invited our family in to complete this task and there were some amazing rockets created!

Autumn 2 - Bright Lights, Big City

Use the same website as last half term but this time why not try some spelling games :)

Picture 1 Children in need
Picture 2 Odd socks for anti-bullying
Picture 3 Sports Festival fun
Picture 4 Great Fire of London

Autumn 2 reflection

What a busy half term! We have been to a sports festival, wore odd socks to show how we are all different for anti-bullying week. We have learned about London and the landmarks we could visit and explored London in the past, most specifically the Great Fire of London. Mrs Nicholson came to show us how fires look and feel and how to be safe around fires. We made fire art work and traditional London houses.

We have finished the very busy term with our Christmas show, where every child did a fantastic job, Christmas party and various Christmas activities.

Spring 1 - Dinosaurs

Picture 1 We used art straws to make dinosaur skeletons
Picture 2 Is it a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?
Picture 3 We made calm down jars for mental health week.
Picture 4 We made biscuits, which is one of our promises.

Spring 1 summary

What an amazing and very busy half term! We have made so much progress in our writing and some children have even got a special pencil for their amazing handwriting. There are lots more in the box to give out in Spring 2. We have enjoyed learning about dinosaurs this half term and found out some amazing facts! Who knew each tooth in the head of a T-Rex is the size of a banana!? I didn't! And the tallest dinosaur stands at 15 metres tall! We also found out about the food that dinosaurs eat and can confidently use the terms 'herbivore' 'carnivore' and 'omnivore' :) 

Spring 2 - Scented Garden

Picture 1 Fun at the park.
Picture 2 Looking for signs of Spring.
Picture 3 Plant investigation with Mrs Pratt.
Picture 4 Working in the garden.

Spring 2 summary

Well that half term went by in a flash! We were asked by Mrs Evans and Miss Nugent to investigate what plants need to grow and with the the hep of Mrs Pratt we carried out an investigation, putting plants in a cupboard without sunlight and with and without water and on the window sill with and without water. We found that the best plant needed sunlight and water.

We planted sunflowers, I wonder how these are growing at home! We created art work based on sunflowers for the Art exhibition, to link both our work on mental health and our work on Vincent Van Gogh.

We went to the Monkey Tree park to look for signs of spring and we did some fantastic writing about what we could see, hear, smell and touch.


Summer 1

Picture 1 Staying safe in the sun
Picture 2 Hunting for the Mouse from the Gruffalo
Picture 3 Making a Gruffalo using clay
Picture 4 Viewing our work in the Art Gallery

Summer 1 summary

What a crazy half term! We have loved learning about the Gruffalo this half term. We have written descriptions, recipes and we re-wrote the story. We even tried Scrambled snake, Owl ice-cream and Roasted Fox! The children enjoyed making the Gruffalo using clay and we even had a visit from some scary beasts of our own! The Zoo lab visit was fun, scary and exciting all at the same time!

Summer 2

Summer 2 summary

What a half term! A trip to Preston Park, some children completing Phonics re-sits, Running for fun, completing promises, inspirational speakers linked to our amazing achievement of Platinum for Excellence in Inclusion and a fantastic 'This is me' performance. It has been amazing! The children have worked so hard and have definitely earned their summer holidays! They have grown up a lot this half term and are ready for Year 3 and Key stage 2! Good luck!

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved