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Year 1/Year 2 - Miss Sharp

Autumn 1 - Moon Zoom 
We have worked extremely hard this half term! It has been tough to get back into routine but we managed it with smiles on our faces. This half term we learnt about Neil Armstrong, the planets, facts about the sun, nursery rhymes about space, counting in 2s, 10s and 5s and writing with capital letters and full stops. We also enjoyed hula hooping, Box2Bfit, making pumpkin soup and a visit from the police. It’s been a busy half term and we need a rest ready for next half term. Well done everyone for being super stars! 
Autumn 2 - Bright Lights, Big City
This half term was a little different to what we expected. We spent two weeks remote learning from home, our fire fighter visit had to be cancelled and due to restrictions we weren't able to have an actor come in to teach use about The Great Fire of London. Despite the things that didn't go to plan we still had a busy half term. We learnt all about London, the royal family and London landmarks. We had a brilliant day celebrating our country by having a red, white and blue party. We enjoyed learning about 2D shapes and learning about the seasons. We also learnt lots about the Christmas story, celebrated Christmas with a Christmas party with games, party food and made some party hats. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas break!

Spring 1 - Dinosaurs

This half term has been a strange one and definitely one for the record book. We spent this half term in lock down with lots of us learning from home but some of us still learning in school. We learnt all about Mary Anning, fossils and lots of dinosaur facts. We did some super writing about Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs and enjoyed the snow! We think learning from home might be even harder than coming to school so we are ready for a break. Ready to come back refreshed and learn about our new theme of scented garden.

Spring 2 - Scented Garden 

At the start of this half term we were still doing lots of home learning but we were excited to come back to school. We celebrated World Book day and did lots of learning about Amelia Earhart and how she was the first woman to fly over the Atlantic. We welcomed back all of our friends to our class in March. Our new topic was spring and we made predictions as to what spring might bring to our gardens. We even planted a seed to watch it grow into a lovely plant. We ended our half term with Easter week and we learnt all about what Easter means to Christians. We did lots of arts and crafts creating some amazing art work. 

Summer 1 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers 

We have had a busy half term in Summer 1. Our theme was been Paws, Claws and Whiskers, where we have learned about animals and their habitats. We talked about the different roles of a zookeeper and how to take care of basic animal needs. We had a tiger day in our class, where wee looked at Tiger enclosures and we created a Tiger fact file. We have also had class discussions about our pets and even had a class pet caterpillars. We had 5 butterflies and we released them into the wild. We have also focused on our own metal health for Mental Health Week and looked at how nature can help us relax. 


Summer 2- Memory Box

Summer 2

We have had a busy Summer 2 this year. Our theme has been 'Memory Box' and we have shared our favourite memories with our friends. We have created our very own scrap books, photo frames and memory jars that we can keep and look back at them in year 6. We went on 2 school trips! One to Hardwick Park, where we got to see the Gruffalo and a dragon and the other to our church to take part in a pretend wedding. We has a week all about Stockton, where we looked at different bridges and we got to create our own in the classroom. 


Everyone Different, Everyone Loved