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Year 1/2 - Miss Sutton

Autumn 1- Street Detectives

British Values Week.                                                                            Building our Lego community.

Testing edible materials to make houses.                                              Visiting the Community Grocery.

We have had a very fun filled and tiring first half term in Year 1/2. From celebrating British Values in our first week back to moving onto our topic; Street Detectives. Within this topic we learnt about different communities and the people and businesses that make up those communities. We went on a walk around the local area to look at the different buildings and businesses that make up our local community. We used the text, The Three Little Pigs and read through various versions of the story and picked our favourite. From our understanding of this story we were able to re-tell the story, write our own versions and we even tested the stability of different materials to build our own houses. We have been lucky enough to visit The Shack and work with Paul and learn about what they offer our community.

Autumn 2- Beat, Band, Boogie

We have had an even more fun packed second half term exploring our topic of Beat, Band, Boogie. The children have explored how to create and change music using different techniques on Chrome Music Lab. We have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Salvation Army who spoke to the children about the instruments they use and how they are all used to create different sounds within songs. We have even had the chance to go on a school trip to Cineworld to watch Trolls: The World Tour! Towards the end of this term we have taken part in a Rudolph Run to raise money for charity and we have enjoyed a lot of festive fun in school to end the term. 

Spring 1- Bright Lights, Big City

We have had a very fun-filled Spring term in Year 1/2. Our theme has been Bright Lights, Big City where the children have had the chance to explore in depth the city of London and the historical events that have taken place there. The children have had the chance to develop on their computing skills by using search engines to find facts about London landmarks whilst creating their own fact files. Within our computing topic, we have focused on developing our ability to use the Paint app, where the children have created a variation of art pieces by different abstract artists. Within Science the children have been able to explore seasonal changes, most recently learning how to measure the wind and creating our own windsocks. We have also observed the effects of the suns rays on UV beads, helping the children to understand the need for sun safety. We have also been lucky to spend an afternoon in the wilderness school, created nature bracelets and roasting marshmallows on the fire!

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved