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Year 1 - Miss Smith & Miss Turnbull

Welcome to Year 1!

Autumn 1

We have had lots of fun in Y1 this half term!

We have had lots of fun in Y1 this half term!  1 We went on an Autumn walk.
We have had lots of fun in Y1 this half term!  2 Arnie the Armadillo talked to us about road safety
We have had lots of fun in Y1 this half term!  3 We made horns to learn about Rosh Hashanah.
We have had lots of fun in Y1 this half term!  4 Our circus skills workshop,

We have had lots of fun in Autumn 1. We loved learning all about space in our topic Moon Zoom. As part of this topic we learnt about famous astronauts and the different planets. We also wrote postcards to an Alien to tell them our favourite things about living on Earth! We have been very creative, designing our own planets and making alien sock puppets and rockets. We also invited our families in to share a space themed stories with us which was great fun! 


Autumn 2

We have been very busy in Autumn 2!

We have been very busy in Autumn 2! 1 We built a city in Art!
Picture 1 We learnt about preparing for Christmas
Picture 1 We went on a reindeer run.
Picture 2 We loved learning about the Great Fire of London!
This half term we have been very busy! This half term our theme was Bright Lights, Big City. We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We learnt about the city of London and different types of buildings. We enjoyed reading The Queen's Knickers and did some fantastic writing. We have been learning about the ways Christians celebrate Christmas and how they prepare for it. In Maths we have been learning about number bonds, adding and subtracting. I think we're ready for a break! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! 

Spring 1

Picture 1 We found an egg!
Picture 1 We built our own dinosaur and added the bones.
Picture 1
We went on a school trip to Kirkleatham Mesuem. We learnt all about fossils and went on a dinosaur hunt. 
Picture 1
We went digging through the sand to find the remains of the dinosaur bones.
This half term we arrived in our classroom to find an egg. We waited for a while and then discovered it was a dinosaur. We found it amazing! We have been learning lots of information about dinosaurs. We learnt about when the dinosaurs lived, what they looked like, what type of skeletons they had, what a fossil is and lots of interesting dinosaur names. We did writing linked to dinosaurs and asked a special dinosaur some questions about what it is like to be a dinosaur. We have really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs. 

Spring 2

Picture 1 CIPHER taught us how to respond to an emergency.
Picture 2 We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes.
Picture 3 We read with Y5 for World Book Day.
Picture 4 We showed off our Judo skills to the instructor.

This half term our topic has been Scented Garden. We have looked at plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs, forests and rainforests. We become scientists and changed white flowers into different colours by completing an experiment. In writing we have been concentrating on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops-many of us are now super stars! In reading we have concentrated on phase 5 phonics looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction books relating to gardens. In maths we have been looking at multiplication, division, fractions and sharing. We have been very busy and working really hard! 

Summer 1

Picture 1 We learnt about sun safety.
Picture 2 We labelled parts of the body.
Picture 3 We learnt about healthy lifestyles.
Picture 1 We were brave with the animals from Zoo Lab!
This half term our topic has been 'paws, claws and whiskers'. We learnt about animals that live in the zoo, jungle, farm and pets. In science we looked at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We wrote instructions for a zoo keeper and listed the qualities that zoo keepers have. We have been learning about number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20 as well as doing lots of adding and subtracting. 

Summer 2

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved