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Reception/Year 1 - Miss Hauxwell

Autumn 1 - What Happens When I Fall Asleep?

This half term, we have explored the question, ‘What happens when we fall asleep?’ We have learned about nocturnal animals and explored different habitats. We have spent time reading re-telling the story of ‘Whatever Next!’; spending time in our outdoor area creating bird feeders.  We have discussed dreams and made some beautiful dream catchers and dream jars. To end our topic, we enjoyed a school pyjama day where we listened to bedtime stories and drank hot chocolate.  In addition, We have taken part In a number of workshops including; Hoopstarz and Circus Skills.  All in all, we have had a very busy and enjoyable half-term.

Autumn 2 - Are We There Yet?
This half term, we have explored the question ‘Are we there yet?’ We enjoyed learning about different modes of transport and had fun being creative with vehicle tyres. We read a number of books, although we mainly focused on ‘Emma Jane’s Aeroplane’ and some of the countries she visited; France and Italy.  We had themed weeks where we learned lots of interesting facts, made some of the famous landmarks and tasted various foods from these countries. Throughout Advent, Reverend Jennie visited our class every week , as we explored different parts of the Christmas story including; Angels, Journeys, Stars and Gifts. To end the half term, we had lots of festive fun; making Reindeer antlers, party hats, placemats and much more. We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas party food and games, especially musical statues and pass the parcel. 

Spring 1 - Will You Read Me A Story?

This half term, we have explored the question, ‘Will you read me a story?’ We looked at a range of Traditional Tales including; Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood. We learned about the features of Traditional Tales including how they begin, end and the types of characters in the stories. We worked hard to find out which material was most suitable to make Little Red Riding Hood a new cape, we tried different porridge toppings to discover the perfect taste and created beanstalks from things we found on a nature walk. We also celebrated Mental Health Week and Chinese New Year! What a busy half-term we had and some of us completed all this learning at home with our parents and carers. An amazing effort everybody! 

Spring 2 - Do Cows Drink Milk?

This half term, we have explored the question, ‘Do Cows Drink Milk?’ We have learned all about the different animals, who live on farms and what food and other products they provide us with. We also learned the vocabulary for some of the animals’ offspring, such as calves, lambs and piglets. We have learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly, through exploring the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’  We even had a welcome back Caterpillar Breakfast, when everyone returned after home-schooling. We have learned about bread and a famous pilot named Amelia Earhart, who we learned about for World Book Day, as a school. Another fun filled half-term. 

Summer 1 - Why Does a Zebra Have Stripes?

This half term, we have explored the questions 'Why does a Zebra have stripes?' We compared the climate in England to countries in Africa. We learned about habitats for different animals and enjoyed reading the story of 'The Ugly Five'. We have had lots of fun celebrating our Festival Days; Islam Festival - Eid Mubarak and Christian Aid Week. As a class, we have focused a lot on our mental health and wellbeing and explored our emotions in more detail. We have had another jam packed half term!

Summer 2 - Who Lives in a Rockpool?

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved