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Reception - Mrs Hammond

Autumn 1 - My Everday Life

We have had such a busy first half term but it has been fun getting to know everybody.  We have been learning about our Everyday Life and the half term started with our British Values week in which we talked about being part of our school and community and that although we are all different, we are all loved.  One of the highlights was the opening of our weekly bookshop where we can bring £1.00 in and buy a new book to take home, read and treasure.

Throughout the half term we have learnt about where we live, our school, the rules and routines and making freinds.  We then focused on Goldilocks and The Three Bears and talked about being kind, not going into strange places and we even made porridge and tried different toppings.  We have also been reading The Enormous Turnip and linking it to asking for help when we need it and working together to solve a problem.  Lastly, we have been learning about Harvest and vegetables associated with Harvest such as pumpkins.  We have had fun outdoors finding and sorting different leaves and then making delicious Autumnal food in the mud kitchen.

Autumn  2 - My Everyday Life Part 2

We have had another busy half term learning about our everday life and the celebrations we take part in such as Hanukkah, Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas.  We have also leanrt about Remembrance Day, the importance of charity through supporting Children In Need and The Butterwick Hospice; a local charity.

Our traditional tale this half term was The Gingerbread Man and that led us to talk about families and that families are different and also about trust which linked nicely to the Christmas story as we learnt Mary and Joseph trusted The Angel.  The chidlren also enjoyed working with one our favourite books, Funnybones and we now know this story very well and even learnt a dance to go with it.  I wonder where our learning will take us in Spring!

Spring 1 - Fantasy and Adventure

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved