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Proposed reduction to admission numbers

In 2017, our pupil admission numbers increased from 30 to 45 places in response to a request from the Local Authority. We currently have 45 places in our classes from Reception to Year 4. 


We are seeing a decrease in the amount of school places being taken up and we are not full in any of the above year groups. Following a school placements meeting with the Local Authority, data shows a decrease in the birth rate meaning less demand for school places. 


As we are not full in any of the year groups, we have made a request to the Local Authority to reduce our intake back to 30 in September 2023. This will start with the reception class intake in 2023. The current children in Reception to Year 4 will remain as a 45 place class until they leave in Year 6 - no child in those classes will lose their place. 


This is currently under consultation with the Local Authority and more information can be found at

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