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EMS1 - Miss Thorpe

Autumn 1 - Do you want to be friends?

In EMS1, we have been focusing on making new friends and getting used to our new routine. We are having a wonderful time taking part in lots of fun activities! Have a look and see what we have been up to. 


Autumn 2 - How Can We Keep Ourselves Safe?

It's been a very busy half term in EMS1! We have learnt lots about keeping ourselves safe in school, at home and in the community. We learnt the Green Cross Code and practised using this to cross our road in the playground. Also, this half term we have celebrated some special days. We loved dressing up for Children in Need and enjoyed exploring different hats of faith. Last of all we have enjoyed taking part in our Christmas activities and learning about the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Spring 1 - Dinosaur Planet

What a busy half term learning all about dinosaurs! We learnt the names of different dinosaurs and what they ate. Some of us found out some interesting facts and measured how big some dinosaurs were. Everyone enjoyed carrying out an asteroid science investigation to find out if the biggest asteroid made the biggest crater! We were amazing at reading recipes to make lots of delicious dinosaur treats. 

Spring 2 - Superheroes

We have loved learning about superheroes. In our art lesson we made a cityscape with watercolours and black sugar paper. In computing we turned ourselves into superheroes using an editing app. We learnt the important qualities needed to become a superhero and found out that we have some of these qualities too! This half term we have learnt about the Easter story and the importance of Easter for Christians. We loved making Easter crafts and taking part in the Easter egg competition. On the last day we made a special Easter breakfast and invited Mrs Coe to join us!  

Summer 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved