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EMS - Miss Thorpe

Autumn 1 - Street Detectives

Medium Term Planning

Knowledge Organiser

We have enjoyed being Street Detectives. We have explored our local community and thought about what we like about Stockton. We have thought about what we can do to respect and improve our local area. We even filled in an online questionnaire about the future of Stockton high street. We have been mini architects by creating, measuring, drawing and building lots of different buildings and structures.


We also joined in with Skateboarding. Even though this was a bit tricky, we were resilient and kept helping each other to learn this new skill. We enjoyed our trip to see Oi Frog, our teachers were very impressed with our behaviour.




Autumn 2 - Traditional Tales

Autumn 2 Planning Overview

We have had lots of fun over the last term and we are really looking forward to Christmas!


EMS joined in with Reindeer training at Reindeer School. Santa sent us a message to say we needed to go to reindeer training school, just incase one of his reindeer became ill on Christmas Eve. We had to dodge snowballs, gallop under clouds, jump over chimneys and tiptoe along rooftops. We all got a certificate at the end of the training. When Santa came into school to see us, he said the reindeers were very impressed! Some of the children (and staff) joined in with the reindeer parade on Stockton highstreet.


The children made and prepared food for our Christmas party. They made some creative food including Christmas Wreaths made from rice crispies, Christmas shaped biscuits, mini mince pies and even demonstrated their cupcake decorating skills. Some of the children attended our after school club and impressed Miss Thorpe with their amazing cookery skills.


EMS enjoyed keeping fit with Box 2 be Fit. The children were very good at taking turns, following instructions and working together.


All of the staff in the EMS would like to wish all of the children and their families a lovely Christmas and all the best for the new year!



Spring 1 - How can we keep ourselves safe?

Spring 1 Planning Overview

We have been learning how to keep ourselves safe. This has included keeping safe at home and school and on the internet. When we were cooking, we remembered to wash our hands and keep surfaces clean. The children were brilliant at knowing how to keep our bodies healthy too.


We enjoyed Sublime Science and we learnt a lot about how to do experiments. The children followed instructions when making slime. We carried on doing experiments in class and made mouldy milk using baking soda, vinegar and milk.


We created some lovely pieces of art and displayed these in our art gallery.


We enjoyed making bird feeders and will hang these out in our playground.


Spring 2 - Be Yourself!

Spring 2 - Planning Overview

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved