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Clever Caterpillars - 2 year old provision

Autumn 1



We have been busy.....

We have been busy..... 1 Being imaginative
We have been busy..... 2 Playing tea parties.
We have been busy..... 3 Making pumpkin soup
We have been busy..... 4 Playing doctors

Sit with your child and play some games on this fun web page

This half term we have been busy settling into nursery and making new friends and getting to know the rules of school.

We have enjoyed exploring toys and investigating food using our senses.

Some of us have been brave enough to sing in the hall and take part in PE.  Our teachers have introduced us to Lycra and we love playing games and singing songs with it; it helps us to concentrate during group time and to share and take turns.  

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 is here and we are busy learning to sing lots of well know nursery rhymes, number songs to 5 and listening to stories linked to food and celebrations.

We are also focusing on following instructions in a fun way, sharing toys, playing together and holding and handling books correctly.

We are starting phase 1 phonics through the use of noisy books and learning animal sounds which we are finding very funny indeed!

Our overall planning is the same as last half term and can be found on the bottom of this page.

As we get nearer Christmas, the glitter and real fun will begin!


Having fun learning through Autumn 2

Having fun learning through Autumn 2 1 Following instructions using lycra.
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 2 Solving a jigsaw problem - wow!
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 3 We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar story!
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 4 Playing together and learning to share.
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 5 Dressing up for Children in Need 2018.
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 6 Confidence in climbing
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 7 Taking part in the reindeer run
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 8 Playing doctors
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 9 Investigating outside
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 10 Playing outside
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 11 Mark making is fun!

Autumn 2 Reflection

Wow! Christmas is here and the 2 year olds have come on so much since September; they are progressing so much.  They have been learning to share toys, tidy toys up and other school routines.  They have had fun using story sacks, tasting food from around the world and also enjoying celebrations such as Diwali, birthday and Christmas.  They have helped raise money for Children in Need and Teesside Hospice.  Thank you so  much for your support in attending our weekly rhyme time sessions and we hope to continue with parent sessions after Christmas.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we are already looking forward to seeing you in 2019. 

Spring 1


Spring term has started well and the children have returned ready and raring to go!  This half term we will be finding out all about various forms of transport, naming them and sorting into groups.   We will be focusing on holding and using books correctly, learning songs about transport and in number we will be working on counting numbers and objects.

Please have a read at our planning so you know what your child be doing each week.  The activities for 2 year olds are highlighted in yellow.

I'm sure we will see snow at some point so the planning may change to focus on the weather but I will keep you informed via Marvellous Me.

We will be celebrating  Chinese New Year this half term and hopefully tasting lots of tasty Chinese food.

Look at the following webpage to help your child learn nursery rhymes

Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery...

Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 1 Sliding down a snowy hill!
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 2 Pretending to go to the moon.
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 3 Learning animal sounds.
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 4 Making music with kitchen equipment.
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 5 Sorting happy and sad faces
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 6 Healthy eating
Look at all the fun we have in had in nursery... 7 Wearing traditional Chinese clothes.

Spring 1 reflection 

A busy and fun filled half term has ended and we have been able to explore the snow and ice outdoors but it was soooo cold!  The children are now really settled and are learning to love counting, name animals and some of us can even make the sound they make.  The 2 year old children have joined us for PE in the big hall and have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year and sharing a tray of togetherness - a plate full of fresh and colourful fruit.  We are looking forward to what Spring 2 brings.  Please let us know if your child has any particular interests so we can incorporate these into the day.

Spring 2


Over the next 6 weeks the children will be learning about spring time and farm animals! We will spend lots of time exploring in the woodland area and will be planting our own seeds and bulbs. We will also be hatching our very own chicks in the nursery classroom! This is a lovely experience for the children and brings so much awe and wonder to their learning. We will finish off the half term by learning all about Easter and creating tasty treats and Easter crafts. 



Picture 1 Regan's fantatsic gluing and sticking.
Picture 2 Caring for the chicks.
Picture 3 Exploring and planting in the woodland.
Picture 4 Making sparkly jelly.

We have had lots and lots of fun this half term caring for eggs that hatched into chicks, planting seeds, talking about families and thinking about Easter.  It has been lovely to invite parents in this half term to make and create Easter things and the children had fun choosing books on the Book Bus.  We have celebrated World Book Day, enjoyed gluing and sticking, lots of ark making and we now cook every week and have focused on the action of stirring.

The weather has been kind to us so we have been exploring the woodland, riding bikes and planting seeds and we hope the good weather continues.

Have a super Easter!

Summer 1

Over the next Summer term the children will be having fun finding out about different animals, naming them and their young,  the sounds they make, talking about what they look like and where they live.

The children will be using the outdoors to continue to plant and grow things, build larger structures and learn to ride bikes and scooters.  We are going with the children's interests and at the moment they love to paint, glue and stick and look at books so no doubt there will be lots of creative activities taking place.

Summer One Planning

Picture 1 Helping prepare snack.
Picture 2 Joining blocks together.
Picture 3 Playing with friends.
Picture 4 Vegetable printing linked to healthy eating.
The children have been a joy this half term and continue to 'wow' us all each day with their learning; they are progressing all of the time.  They have had fun learning about animals using their favourite books "That's not my...…." and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  They enjoyed going on a colour hunt around school and finding things to bring back.  The children were really confident when the lambs visited and had fun chasing them around the playground and then made woolly sheep pictures.  as part of their snack time the children have been developing skills such as cutting and sharing; they thought the fruit was very tasty! We hope you have a sun and fun filled half term.

Summer 2

Summer 2 planning

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved