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Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance & punctuality


It is important that your child arrives on time for school or they may:

  • Miss the start of a lesson and not understand the work
  • Get behind with their work
  • Feel self-conscious or embarrassed about joining the class or worship (assembly) late
  • Miss spending time with friends before lessons
  • Miss the structured start of the day


Attendance is improving. Please help us to continue to achieve our target of 96% by bringing your child to school on time each day and ensuring that they do not miss school for appointments that should be made outside of the school day.


Children arriving late after registration closes will be marked as an unauthorised absence for the morning session. Registers will close 15 minutes after registration – at 9.10 for KS1 and Reception and at 9.05 for KS2.


If a child is going to be absent please contact school as early as possible in the day. We will contact you if we have not had a reason for absence.


If a child is going to be absent for a period of time, it is possible to send work home for parents to work alongside the child. For a prolonged absence, due to injury or sickness, it can be arranged for a teacher from the Home and Hospital Service to make home visits.


School holidays


It is important to note that, following Government guidelines, we are not able to authorise holidays in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Holidays for pupils in Year 6 and Year 2 will not be authorised at all during May as this is the time they will be completing their tests. Year 1 children also will not be authorised during the period in June when they must complete their phonics test.


Attendance support


Our new attendance procedures include a package of school support through our Pastoral Team. If you would like support in getting your child to school, please contact the school office.

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