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Year 4 - Miss Kaur

Welcome to Year 4!

Autumn 1
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We have been working hard this half term with our theme Scrumdiddlyumptious! We went to Sainsbury’s to find out how bread was made and also to learn about fair trade products. This was after learning about the journey of a banana.

We have also invented our own scrumdiddlyumptious desserts to help Mr Wonka. We then wrote up the instructions and also wrote a letter to Mr Wonka telling him about our fantastical new inventions.

Autumn 2
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Year 4 had a fantastic time learning about different Greek Gods (and designing our own Gods) and produced some brilliant writing. We particularly had fun when our parents/carers came into school and we had a competition to see who could build the best Trojan Horse! During an Art afternoon, we made Medusa heads out of clay- some of them looked really scary! We also went swimming this half term and made so much progress! We cannot wait to go again in Spring. 
Spring 1

Misty Mountain Sierra overview

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Over the half term, we have learnt so much about mountains! We have looked at which countries they are located in, what they look like and what might live on a mountain. We even looked at Yetis and created our own play scripts, this was lots of fun!  We also spent a week looking at the book The Day War Came. This was an interesting story that related to real life situations for lots of children around the world and we did a brilliant job producing diary entries putting ourselves in those childrens' shoes. We loved having some fun in the snow!

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved