School Meals

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Week 1 School Menu:
8th January, 5th February & 12th March 2018

Week 2 School Menu:
15th January, 19th February & 19th March, 2018

Week 3 School Menu:
22nd January, 26th February & 26th March

Week 4 School Menu:
29th January & 5th March 2018

We provide excellent healthy school meals that are cooked on site each day. We offer the children 3 choices of meal each day – 2 hot and 1 cold. Children will choose their meal each morning. This will mean that each child gets the meal they request each day. Menus can be made available on request and are available on the link above.

Dinner money collection for KS2 is undertaken by the school office. Money should be paid on a Monday morning for the week ahead in the special envelopes provided. Cheques must be made payable to Stockton Borough Council with your name and address printed on the back of the cheque. If a child wants to change from School Lunch they must inform the school office a week in advance.

The cost of a meal in September 2017 is remaining at £2.05 a day and £10.25 for the week for KS2 children.

A free meal is supplied to all KS2 children whose parents are in receipt of:

Income Based Jobseekers Allowance / Income Support

Support under part 6 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Guarantee element of State Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit; if you are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and your yearly income is less than £16,190

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Universal Free School Meal.

There is a new service for parents to register eligibility for free school meals. You can ring the Contact Centre on 01642 526606.  The operator will complete the form for you on line and it is emailed to our Free Schools Administrator, Sue Phillips.

Parents of reception and KS1 children should still register, even though meals will be free to those children from September 2015. This is because school receives funding for ALL children who are entitled to a free meal in receipt of these benefits.

Click here to find out more about Free School Meals Website

When you ring the Contact Centre, they will request certain details so you will need to have this information to hand:

Claimants name, date of birth and NI number

Home address

Name and dates of birth of the children

Which school they are attending.

When Sue receives the information, she will check whether you are eligible and if you are they will inform you and the school in the usual way and, if your child is in KS2, the child will go onto free school meals straight away.

Packed Lunches

Children may choose to bring their own packed meal to school. In line with our healthy eating policy, chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed.


KS1 children are entitled to and receive free fruit each day. Children under 5 also receive free school milk each day. KS2 children receive free fruit every Friday.


Every child is given a free water bottle each year so they have access to water throughout the school day. We sterilise the bottles each week in school to ensure they are clean for the children to use.