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Ofsted, performance and results

School Prospectus 2017 – 2018

Foundation Stage Handbook 2017

Financial Report to Parents

Parent Support Advisor (PSA)

Helen Conroy works in school to offer support to parents and families and to be a link between school and home. Helen has 6 children of her own so has plenty of practical experience of issues that parents may face.

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MarvellousMe is a great way to keep you informed of your child’s activities and achievements at school. This is a light-touch app that you can use on your smartphone, tablet or online and is ideal for parents who want a quick snapshot of their child’s day. It offers real-time updates and is easy to share with people that you choose.

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School Comms

We are operating a new system of School Comms, which enables us to text parents with information. We can also email parents who have access to an email address. Please keep school up to date with any changes of mobile numbers or other contact details so we can contact you when we need to.

School Uniform

We have a school uniform for the children to wear:

Yellow polo shirts

Burgundy sweatshirts

Black or grey skirts or trousers

Plain socks – not football socks

Flat black shoes or black trainers

 Summer dresses in red or yellow are suitable for girls and shorts for boys in the summer months. We sell new sweatshirts and polo shirts in school ( from Tesco) at cost price. These have the school emblem on and can be purchased from the school office. This is a non profit sale. We also have a large supply of second hand uniform available free. Please ask Helen Conroy (PSA) or a member of the office staff.


Jewellery is not appropriate within school and should be left at home.  If jewellery is brought to school it is kept securely in the school office until home time.  If a child has their ears pierced, they are only allowed to wear studs and these must be removed for PE.  If ears have been recently pierced then children should ensure earrings are taped up for PE lessons.

PE Kit

We ask children to bring a white T-shirt and black/navy shorts for PE and a pair of trainers or plimsolls. PE kits are available from the school office. In the winter, tracksuits are also suitable as we try to take the children outside for as many lessons as possible. We have spare kit in school to ensure children do not miss out on PE lessons if they do not have a change of clothes in school. Please try and leave the kit in school each week and take it home in the holidays for washing.

School Meals

We provide excellent healthy school meals that are cooked on site each day. We offer the children 3 choices of meal each day – 2 hot and 1 cold. Children will choose their meal each morning. This will mean that each child gets the meal they request each day. Menus can be made available on request and are available on the link above.
Dinner money collection for KS2 is undertaken by the school office. Money should be paid on a Monday morning for the week ahead in the special envelopes provided. Cheques must be made payable to Stockton Borough Council with your name and address printed on the back of the cheque. If a child wants to change from School Lunch they must inform the school office a week in advance.

The cost of a meal in September 2017 is remaining at £2.05 a day and £10.25 for the week for KS2 children.

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Packed Lunches

Children may choose to bring their own packed meal to school. In line with our healthy eating policy, chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed.


KS1 Children are entitled to, and receive, free fruit each day. Children under 5 also receive free school milk each day. KS2 children receive free fruit every Friday.


Every child is given a free water bottle each year so they have access to water throughout the school day. We sterilise the bottles each week in school to ensure they are clean for the children to use.

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