School Organisation


The school has a 26 place Nursery and a 45 place Reception class.
With an admission number of 30 for each year group.

The Foundation Stage Unit consists of the Nursery and a Reception Class. They work closely together to provide a creative and stimulating experience for your child.

The school also has KS1 and KS2, additionally resourced, provision which offers 10 places to children across the Local Authority for children who have additional needs for children in Reception through to Year 6.

KS1 are Year 1 and 2, KS2 classes are Year 3 to 6.

Teaching Assistants

We maintain a high level of Teaching Assistants across school to ensure all our children have access to adult support at different times of the day. We know that our children sometimes need a listening ear, some extra help in lessons, or some targeted interventions and ensure that this is always possible.

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We also employ 2 specialist music teachers: Mr Gibson and Miss Sheraton. They provide our children with an exciting singing experience each week.

Parent Support

We have a PSA (Parent Support Advisor), Helen Conroy, who works with our families to ensure they have support in many different areas.

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Enhanced Provision

 We offer Enhanced Provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs. These children are very much part of our school and included in evert aspect of school life.

The purpose of the enhanced provision is to ensure the children receiving support from the enhanced provision make progress this is at least in line with the national (prior attainment) so that any gaps in attainment of the school are narrowed.

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