Our Golden Rules

We operate a very positive system of behaviour management.
We have 5 Golden Rules that we ask all children to follow in school.
We encourage children to be responsible for their own choices about behaviour and accept consequences if they make the wrong choice.


We listen.
We are kind and friendly.
We are honest.
We share.
We look after property.

These are linked to Christian Values as follows:


If children choose to break a Golden Rule, they are given a warning (yellow card) and asked to modify their behaviour. If they do not, they will be given a red card which results in them losing some of their playtime/lunchtime.


Praise will be used positively to improve both work and behaviour.

Stamps and stickers will be used by class teachers,
Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher.

Children are encouraged to show good work to other members of staff.

Good behaviour and attitudes are recognised in the weekly Celebration Assembly.

Any incidents of poor behaviour are recorded in school on the child’s behaviour log and will be discussed with you as appropriate. If you have any concerns about your child, please come in and discuss them with us.

We introduce the children to an anti- bullying slogan S.T.O.P (Several Times On Purpose) to explain what bullying is and we always deal with any form of bullying fully.
We try to ensure that children and parents understand what bullying is and isn’t.
We deal with incidents fairly and swiftly.

Click here for more information on Bullying

Any children who display persistent and unruly behaviour will be dealt with according to the behaviour policy and this may end in a fixed term exclusion. At times if children put themselves or others at risk of harm through violent or aggressive actions, we may have to use reasonable force to prevent your child from hurting themselves or others. We may also very occasionally need to restrain a pupil in line with the guidelines issued by the Local Authority and the Department for Education. At all times, you will be kept informed if this has been necessary.

Any children arriving at school with dangerous items such as knives, will have these removed and kept in a secure place. Any unsuitable items for school such as mobile phones, are also removed and stored in the school safe until home time.