Our Ambition

Our Ambition for school: a Community Curriculum 

St John the Baptist CE VC Primary School

Everyone different, everyone loved!

Our Shared Vision

Our vision sees St John’s school at the heart of the community, with God at the centre of what we do with and for each other. Our school community encompasses all of our children, parents, staff, families, Governors and members of the Parish Church.

We will encourage all in our community to value learning. We will provide opportunities for all to develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem that they will have the courage to be open to new ideas, to try new experiences and aspire to be the best they can be.

We want all in our community to experience kindness, grow in faith and develop a ‘healthy minds and bodies’ lifestyle.

We will offer a creative, enriched curriculum that tries to meet the needs of all learners through a highly inclusive and inspirational approach.

We will encourage each other to become tolerant, forgiving and honest; promoting perseverance, confidence and respect for all people everywhere, preparing our children for life in modern Britain.

Above all we will ensure that everyone feels welcomed, safe and loved – that they belong.

A child in our school should feel………



Our Curriculum

Our school is situated in the heart of the community and we want to create a broad and balanced curriculum that is tailored to the specific needs of the community we serve: a community curriculum.

We want to engage our whole families in school life so that everyone feels that education is both fun and worthwhile. Our school life is built on an ethos of Christian love so that all our families feel loved, valued and encouraged.

We want our community curriculum to offer both the skills and the confidence that we believe young people will need for a life in modern Britain. We will inspire confidence through activities designed to do this such as Forest Schools, singing and sport and will offer life skills such as cooking, sewing and gardening.

Our community curriculum will be rich in experiences and inclusive for all children; offering a breadth of opportunities with a clear focus on tolerance, resilience, health and understanding choice. Staff will weave opportunities to develop these into meaningful theme work, worship, visits and visitors that reflects the diverse society in which we live.

Our school community will benefit from projects such as the Community café, Community Allotment and Community Bank. These will provide children and families opportunities to work alongside each other to develop skills and enhance our curriculum.

We will seek opportunities to work in partnership with other education establishments, businesses and experts within and beyond our local community to enrich our curriculum and extend pupils’ skills.

Our Promise – while you are at St John’s you will be able to…