Health & Safety

We do all that we can to make sure that the children are safe in school and ask you to help with a number of things. We ask that all visitors and parents to our school site follow the guidance notes below:

There is no smoking anywhere on the school premises (inside or outside).

Dogs are not allowed on the school grounds.
Do not leave your dog unattended by the school gate.

There is no parking for parents on the school site.
The car parking spaces around the site are for staff only.

At the end of the day please wait in the playground for your child. We will bring the children out to you and stay with them until they are safely collected.

When you are waiting for your child please keep younger children with you at all times. We cannot be held responsible for children wandering away from you, hurting themselves or getting lost.

Please keep all your children off the railings, steps and walls around school.
While the children are in school they know they may not climb on them so please help us to reinforce this.

Before and after school please ensure that your children don‘t play with balls or ride on bikes or scooters in the playground. The playgrounds can become very congested and accidents can happen. Scooters and bikes must be pushed on school grounds.

Children are the responsibility of parents before school doors open and after we close at the end of the day.

If you experience any problems when using our school please let us know
so we can rectify the problem.

Thank you for your help with these health and safety rules and for your co-operation.

Please see plan of school showing access/egress routes in the event of icy/snowy weather.
It shows the most suitable approach to key areas of school for parents/guardians and visitors.
Local signage will be displayed around the grounds stating
‘For your own safety please keep to the designated paths’.

Click here to view our Bad Weather Access Route

Click here to view our Health and Safety Policy