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Clever Caterpillars - 2 year old provision


Autumn 2 is here and we are busy learning to sing lots of well know nursery rhymes, number songs to 5 and listening to stories linked to food and celebrations.

We are also focusing on following instructions in a fun way, sharing toys, playing together and holding and handling books correctly.

We are starting phase 1 phonics through the use of noisy books and learning animal sounds which we are finding very funny indeed!

Our overall planning is the same as last half term and can be found on the bottom of this page.

As we get nearer Christmas, the glitter and real fun will begin!


Look at the following webpage to help your child learn nursery rhymes

Having fun learning through Autumn 2

Having fun learning through Autumn 2 1 Following instructions using lycra.
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 2 Solving a jigsaw problem - wow!
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 3 We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar story!
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 4 Playing together and learning to share.
Having fun learning through Autumn 2 5 Dressing up for Children in Need 2018.

Autumn 1



This half term we have been busy settling into nursery and making new friends and getting to know the rules of school.

We have enjoyed exploring toys and investigating food using our senses.

Some of us have been brave enough to sing in the hall and take part in PE.  Our teachers have introduced us to Lycra and we love playing games and singing songs with it; it helps us to concentrate during group time and to share and take turns.  

We have been busy.....

We have been busy..... 1 Being imaginative
We have been busy..... 2 Playing tea parties.
We have been busy..... 3 Making pumpkin soup
We have been busy..... 4 Playing doctors

Everyone Different, Everyone Loved